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Meals in a Box” helps military veterans and their families

No one should ever go hungry, especially a veteran who has served their country.  Yet, due to economic challenges, many of our military veterans and their families don’t have enough to eat.  Meals in a Box is a group of volunteers working to collect and distribute food to supply charitable organizations who are serving veterans and their families throughout Orange County.

 Our Mission:  We will be the primary charitable-based provider of food to organizations serving Veterans and their families in Orange County.

 Our Vision:  No veteran having served in Americas Armed Forces, nor their family, should suffer from hunger due to any mental, physical, emotional or financial hardship.

 How it Works

Veterans service organizations do a tremendous job assisting veterans and their families with shelter, clothing, job training and education and a host of additional services.  However, often the most immediate need is the most basic – nutritious meals for our veterans and their families. That’s where Meals in a Box comes in to help.

We place a small collection box in a supporting business to allow people to donate food.  Boxes are collected and replaced by a volunteer who brings the food to our central distribution point.  From there, the food is delivered directly to specific organizations who serve veterans and their families.

Cash donations are only used to buy food requested by our strategic partners.

Donations are administered by the Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Foundation and 100% of every dollar goes towards purchasing food for veterans and their families.

The Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Foundation is a qualified 501(c) (3) organization.

TAX ID 33-0222352.

Unfortunately, hunger never takes a holiday – so we need your help throughout the year!  The program was launched in 2015 and will continue year-round.